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Massachusetts Cop Faces Connecticut Harassment Investigation and Possible Charges

Posted by Erin FieldFeb 09, 20100 Comments

A domestic violence victim's advocate has allegedly become a victim herself in a case involving her ex-boyfriend, a Holyoke Massachusetts cop. Paul Barkyoumb is now reported to be under investigation for harassment by the Connecticut State Police for threatening text messages he sent to Michelle Cruz.

According to Fairfield Weekly, Cruz works as the state of Connecticut's victim advocate. Her position apparently helped convince her to come forward in reporting her ex to the police. “If the victim advocate is afraid to get a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend because he's a cop, how could I ever tell anyone else to get one?”

Cruz apparently met and started dating Barkyoumb when she was an assistant district attorney in Massachusetts. The two broke it off in April of 2009. At that time, reportedly due to harassment, she asked for a restraining order from a Massachusetts judge who denied the request due to insufficient evidence of threat.

Now, however, there is a restraining order in place, an internal investigation at the Holyoke Police Department, and a harassment investigation by the Connecticut State Police.

The legal action is a result of anonymous threatening text messages that Cruz has been receiving on her cell phone. According to the report these messages conveyed threats of retaliation. Barkyoumb maintains his innocence, however.

As this Fairfield Weekly article shows, neither of the two are strangers to controversy. Cruz has made several opponents throughout her career and Barkyoumb has been accused of delivering false testimony and possibly mishandling evidence that resulted in several drug cases being lost by the state.

Stalking and harassment cases typically arise between two people who once had a relationship. When a lover is scorned, their emotional pain sometimes motivates them to do things outside the norm. Just like domestic violence, cases like these are heavy with emotion and stress for all parties involved.

If you are accused of harassing someone, you may not be guilty. Perhaps, however, you let your emotions get the best of you and are now facing serious criminal charges and even a potential jail sentence because of it.

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