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As a harassment attorney in Connecticut, I understand just how significant a harassment or stalking charge can be for defendants. The state of Connecticut takes harassment and stalking allegations very seriously, and if you are charged with one or both crimes, the consequences can be severe.
If you're facing harassment and/or stalking charges in CT, I know you're probably concerned about what the charge means and what happens next. It's crucial you get legal advice from a criminal harassment lawyer in Connecticut, so contact me now to see how I can help. However, in the meantime, let me provide you with some insight as to what constitutes a stalking or harassment charge in CT and how a harassment defense lawyer can help.

Connecticut Stalking Laws

Stalking 3rd Degree – Penalties

3rd  degree stalking is defined by Connecticut statutes as recklessly causing another person to reasonably fear for their physical safety by willfully and repeatedly following or lying in wait for them.

If you are facing this Class B misdemeanor charge you could be sentenced to up to 6 months in jail and $1,000 in fines.

Re:. Conn. Gen. Stat. §53a-181e

Stalking 2nd Degree – Penalties

You may be charged with 2nd degree stalking if you willfully and repeatedly follow or lie in wait for another person, causing them to reasonably fear for their safety and you do so with the intent to cause them fear.

2nd Degree stalking is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail and $2,000 in fines.

Ref: Conn. Gen. Stat. §53a-181d

Stalking 1st Degree – Penalties

First degree stalking is the most serious of stalking charges and can be committed in a few different ways. You may be charged with this Class D felony if you commit stalking as described above and any one of the following are true:

  • The alleged victim is under 16 years old
  • You have previously been convicted of stalking, or
  • The stalking is in violation of a court order (restraining order, for instance)

1st Degree stalking is punishable by 1 to 5 years in prison and fines reaching $5,000.

Ref: Conn. Gen. Stat. §53a-181c

If you have been charged with a stalking offense of any kind, contact me now for a case evaluation and legal advice from a harassment lawyer in Connecticut.

Connecticut Harassment Laws

Harassment 2nd Degree – Penalties

2nd Degree harassment can be committed in one of three ways:

  1. Using the telephone to address another person in indecent or obscene language,
  2. Communicating with another person by email, fax, letter, etc in a manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm and with intent to harass, annoy, or alarm, or
  3. Contacting another by phone with the intent to harass, annoy, or alarm, whether or not a conversation occurs.

If you are found guilty of this Class C misdemeanor, you will be facing up to 3 months in jail and $500 in fines.

Ref: Conn. Gen. Stat. §53a-183

Harassment 1st Degree – Penalties

More serious than 2nd degree harassment, harassment in the 1st degree is committed when you threaten to kill or injure a person and communicate that threat via telephone, mail, email, or other communication and you have previously been convicted of a serious felony.

A First degree harassment offense is a Class D felony and is punishable by 1 to 5 years in prison and up to $5,000 in fines if you are convicted.

Ref: Conn. Gen. Stat. §53a-182b

With any harassment and stalking charge it is likely the judge will order a psychiatric evaluation. And depending on the circumstances of your case, you could be facing jail time or significant financial penalties. However, if this is your first offense and you are charged with one of the less serious offenses, harassment lawyers in Connecticut may be able to help you serve probation or another reasonable alternative to the more serious penalties.

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Whatever the charges against you, I'm committed to representing your best interests at all times. As an experienced harassment attorney in Connecticut, I will ensure you understand the legal process, what the charges mean, and what happens next, and I will do my very best to ensure you get the best possible outcome on your day in court.

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