Immigration Defense Lawyer in Connecticut

immigration defense lawyer

If you are not a US born American Citizen, you can be in a world of trouble if you are arrested on a criminal offense in Connecticut.

Even if you are a naturalized citizen, you can be deported if you are convicted of a felony charge.

In 2005, a law was passed that allows for your naturalized citizenship to be stripped and revoked after a conviction.

This law was supposedly passed to deal with people accused of crimes related to terrorism. But it is being widely applied, and anyone facing a criminal charge who fits this circumstance is at risk.

This law can apply to anyone, even if:

  • you were allowed in the country under asylum,
  • given a green card, or
  • granted naturalized citizenship.

I had a client who faced this very issue. He arrived in the country with his parents when he was 4 years old, and became a citizen as a teenager when his parents did.

Defenses to Fight Deportation After a Criminal Charge

If you still have an active criminal charge in Connecticut and have not been convicted, then you still may have the ability to avoid an immigration nightmare.

  • You can fight and beat the felony charges.
  • You can fight to get the charges reduced to misdemeanor offenses, which should take the immigration issues off the table.

There may be legal options for you that an immigration lawyer can help you with. Please contact me for help and further details.

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