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In Connecticut and Nationwide, Female Drunk Drivers on the Rise

Posted by Erin FieldJan 04, 20100 Comments

In an interesting story from the Hartford Courant this week, it is revealed that women aren't only gaining ground in the workplace and other areas of society, but also when it comes to DUI arrests. According to the report, the reasons for this are many.

The percentage of women in drunk driving arrests was 17.4 in 1997 and rose to 21.7 in 2006 in our state. During that time, male arrests for DUI fell as female arrests climbed. Nationally, the trend is similar, women are being arrested more for DUI while the number of men is steadily decreasing.

Experts attribute the climb to many factors including an increase in binge drinking among women as well as an increase in women behind the wheel. The Courant also points to the fact that the law may not be as lenient on women as it once was.

The decrease in DUI's among men may be attributed to greater social stigma over the past several years or enhanced punishments.

Overall, from 2007 to 2008 there was a decrease in DUI arrests and a decrease in DUI related accidents. This is a positive trend that will hopefully continue. However, the overall rate may decline while the percentage of women still increases.

No matter who you are or what your gender is, you hope for equal treatment, whether in the criminal justice system or elsewhere. The DUI laws in Connecticut aren't set up to treat people differently and that's part of the reason a defense attorney is necessary.

Having a defense attorney on your side in court means that there is an advocate for your rights. Believe it or not, the system is designed to protect the rights of the accused; a defense attorney is there to make sure it works.

When facing charges of DUI, you are looking at jail time, fines, and a license suspension. Dealing with these penalties can be very difficult. Dealing with the potential of facing these types of penalties can be extremely stressful.

Call me today to discuss your case and let me help you through this tough point in your life. Let's take a look at how your arrest was handled and see if I can come up with an effective defense strategy.