CT DMV Work Permit

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A Limited Work Driver's License from the CT DMV

If your license has been suspended after a Drunk Driving/DUI charge in Connecticut or other offenses, there may be options to get you back on the road on a limited basis.

What is a Special Work Permit?

A special work permit is a limited driver's license for those whose Connecticut driver's license has been suspended for certain specific reasons. The driver's work permit that allowed you to drive for 12 hours a day, only back and forth from your home to work, and other destinations if explicitly specified on your permit.

Who is Eligible for a Connecticut DMV Work Permit?

  • Only one DUI offense.
  • If you refused to take a breath test or chemical test, you may be denied a work permit for the first 3 months of 6 month suspension penalty.
  • Significant hardship” must be documented, such as how the license loss would affect your livelihood, your family, and how there are no other transportation options available to you.
  • No serious driving infractions, such as involving injuries or accidents.
  • No excessive violations, such as a history of previous driving penalties.

How do I get a Special Work Permit ?

Application for a Special Work Permit from the Connecticut DMV is available by filling out this form and sending it to the DMV by mail. It may take several weeks or more to find out if your are approved.

My driver's license is under suspension for a Connecticut offense, but I am not licensed in CT. Can I get a work permit?

No. It is issued by the Connecticut DMV to Connecticut driver's only. Other states' DMVs may have similar programs, such as a hardship license or limited work license. Consult with your state's Department of Motor Vehicles to find out.