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Farmington CT Police Looking for Diamond Thief

Posted by Erin FieldFeb 05, 20100 Comments

Typically when you think of “shoplifting”, you think of some kids stealing snacks or, at the worst, some boosting of clothing and merchandise at the mall. The Courant recently published a story, however, revealing the surveillance photo of a man accused of “shoplifting” $36,000 in diamonds.

The story isn't specific about how the theft went down, but they do say that the unknown thief made off with three diamonds from Monarch Jewelers on Farmington Avenue.

Similar thefts from jewelers often go something like this. A nice, interested customer asks to see a tray of jewelry or loose diamonds that is behind the glass. Once it is in the open, the thief grabs and dashes for the door. Not a very high tech theft attempt, but obviously one that has limited success.

Police have not yet identified the man seen in surveillance photos, though they are likely chomping at the bit to get him into custody.

In Connecticut, the charge you face for theft is directly related to the amount of money or value of the items stolen. In this case, with the reported value being about $36,000, the thief would be looking at Grand Larceny charges.

Grand larceny is a Class B felony and the most serious theft charge under Connecticut law. It carries a potential 20 year prison sentence and fines reaching $15,000.

There are many ways to get a theft charge and shoplifting is only one. You could be charged with theft for taking something from someone you know without permission. Perhaps you are accused of embezzling funds from your employer or obtaining services by fraud.

All of these are theft charges and all of them carry fairly serious penalties. If you are up against any type of theft or white collar crime charge in the state of Connecticut, call me today.

I can help you figure out the best way to handle the charges and together I can work towards the best possible results.