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Connecticut Victims of Crimes Have The Right To Be Represented

Posted by Erin FieldFeb 05, 20140 Comments

connecticut victims of crimes have the right to be represented

Are you the victim of a crime? Is someone charged in a case in which you are the person harmed or injured? Has someone in your family been sexually assaulted or possibly killed? If this is the case, you have the right to hire your own attorney in the state's case against this person or people to help you deal with the court system through this difficult time.

While every State's Attorney's office in Connecticut has what is known as a Victims' Advocate, sometimes you may not feel as though this person truly understands your pain, frustration and sadness. Victims Advocates have new cases everyday and while they tend to be caring individuals, you may not be satisfied with the attention they give you.

I've heard complaints from several people who are crime victims of one sort or another that the Advocate does not return their calls and does not seem to understand the particulars of their case. This is probably because they have too many cases and can only give your case the time they have given their workload. Also, they technically do not represent you.

This is why you may want to consider hiring a lawyer to represent you in the criminal case against the person who caused you harm. Having your own attorney will give you the following: You will have peace of mind knowing there is someone who actually represents YOU who cares about YOU while the criminal process is moving forward.

You will have someone who is experienced at criminal law and understands the programs that may be available to the accused, the possible jail sentence this person could be facing, and an appropriate way to address the court with your desired outcome at the appropriate time.

I focus part of my practice on representing victims which I find to be very rewarding. When you hire me, you have a person who will listen to your pain and give you a voice in the case against your perpetrator. When I worked for the District Attorney's office in my city, I was initially hired as a Victim's Advocate, a job I held for 4 years.

I have met and worked with victims of crimes ranging from sexual abuse, DUI injuries, burglary and robbery, domestic abuse, elder abuse, harassment and stalking. I have also done this as a private lawyer.

If you, like many victims, feel like you are being disregarded by the judicial system and want to talk to an experienced advocate, contact me for a free consultation at (860) 749-8313 or (203) 927-3359.

I guarantee I will listen to your concerns, fears, and experience which will allow me to assist you in determining whether my services are something from which you would benefit. I charge flat fees at very reasonable rates and can assist you at a time in your life when you feel like things are falling apart to give you guidance on how to get through this very difficult time.