Case Results

Time Served 3rd DUI

Charge: DUI 3rd
Court: Rockville
Result: time served under mandatory minimum, probation terminated.

Client is charged with DUI and Violation of Probation. Client is on probation and is out partying with friends. Gets intoxicated and passes out on his couch. Friend wakes him up and demands a ride. Client complies and gets stopped for erratic driving. Gets charged with third DUI offense in under ten years (CGS 14-227) and violation of probation(CGS 53a-32). Third time offenders get 120 days mandatory minimum jail sentence and people who violate probation can receive the time they owe on their suspended sentence which was 2 years in this case. Result: Client gets mandatory minimum of 120 days and probation is terminated with no further time to serve.

Erin Field

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