Case Results

possession of firearm while intoxicated

Client charged with possession of firearm while intoxicated (CGS 53-206d), carrying a dangerous weapon (CGS 53-206) disorderly conduct and Reckless endangerment 1st. Victim says client got home at 2am and stood out in the street waving his pistol around. Victim shows up to court to make a very vocal and strenuous objection. Judge rules in favor of defendant and grants AR. Defendant loses permit to carry and has to transfer other pistol. I instruct defendant to respond to State Police with notice of appeal which comes up close to the dismissal date. Without attending hearing, I get his permit back.

Erin Field

My name is Erin Field. My law practice is focused on criminal defense in Connecticut. I have offices in Enfield, W. Hartford, and New Haven. I defend people accused of crimes across the state, in every Connecticut criminal court. I have a 100% success rate for first-time offenders. Yes, I'm ser...