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Three Women Charged for Skimming Fraud In Connecticut

Posted by Erin FieldJun 15, 20100 Comments

Skimming is a fairly new term in the world of criminal fraud. It involves using technology to gain valuable credit card information when consumers put their cards in ATMs or other devices in which cards like this are “swiped”. A trio of Queens residents are facing federal charges in Connecticut for a skimming operation that resulted in thefts of about $50,000.

The women apparently installed computer skimming machines into ATM's and card-accessed bank doors. These devices accessed account information while tiny cameras captured PIN numbers as bank customers keyed them into the ATMs. This information allowed the suspects to withdraw money from these legitimate accounts without people knowing their information had been compromised until it was too late.

According to the Queens Tribune, the trio could be facing up to 30 years each in federal prison. While this case is under federal jurisdiction, most other fraud cases would be handled at the state level.

There are many types of fraud covered under Connecticut statutes and most don't involve the technological know-how of skimming. For instance, passing a worthless check is considered a fraud. Whether you write the check on a closed account or write it knowing there aren't sufficient funds, you can face this charge.

Another common Connecticut fraud crime is illegal use of a credit card. Interestingly, if you steal and use a credit card belonging to someone else you can face two separate charges, one for credit card theft and one for illegal use of a credit card.

Similar to skimming, identity theft involves using someone else's information to obtain credit or goods in their name. This serious offense is a Class D felony and can carry up to 5 years in prison if convicted.

While some of these offenses are quite common, it doesn't mean they are any less serious. Luckily, if this is your first such criminal charge, I may be able to work out a fairly good plea arrangement with the prosecution. However, if you are innocent of the charges against you, I will tirelessly defend you in court.

Regardless of the situation, as a defense attorney, it's my job to get the most favorable outcome for my clients. Contact me today if you are facing criminal charges. I can give you a free consultation and I can discuss your options.