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Story on License Plate Scanners

Posted by Erin FieldJun 09, 20080 Comments

This story was on NECN (see video) about license plate scanning technology being used in New Haven police vehicles. The technology consists of a video scanner that can passively read thousands of license plates per hour, when a police vehicle is either moving or parked by the side of the road. The license plate scans are matched to a database from the Connecticut DMV, and if any passing car has been flagged by the DMV with any known issue, the police officer is instantly alerted, and will pull over your vehicle.

The news story is specifically about tax delinquency, but this technology is also used to catch anyone with an outstanding arrest warrant, suspended driver's license, expired inspection or insurance, and any other minor traffic matter in Connecticut. Other uses can include known stolen vehicles or amber alerts.

If you've been pulled over, charged, arrested, or given a citation for any such matter, please contact our Connecticut defense attorneys for a consultation and case evaluation on your best options to defend yourself in court.