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Small Town Educates Residents About Identity Theft

Posted by Erin FieldMay 27, 20100 Comments

In an effort to keep its residents safe, Police Detective Carl Filsinger of Weston held a panel discussion at the town library. In addition, points from that panel were published in the local Weston Forum to help everyone adopt safe practices to prevent identity theft and fraud.

According to the Forum, more than 10 million people have their identity stolen every year in the United States. “That's one victim every four seconds.” However, one good thing about this kind of fraud is that it is often preventable.

There are simply things that people can do every day to reduce the chance that they will be victimized. From shredding old mail to taking bills to the post office rather than the street side mail box, simple steps can make a big difference.

People who commit identity theft aren't likely thinking of the impact they will have on their victim's life. Having your identity stolen can cost you money and your good credit. It can take months to sort things out after someone has taken advantage of your name, social security number, or bank accounts.

Identity theft is included in a group of offenses that also features credit card fraud and bad checks. All of these offenses typically entail misrepresenting who you are or your financial situation in order to profit.

There are many examples where charges like this could apply. From lying to a credit card company about your income to using someone else's checks to make purchases, taking advantage of the financial systems of this country can get you in a whole lot of trouble.

In Connecticut, identity theft is considered a Class D felony and is punishable by up to 5 years in prison. In addition to this potential prison sentence, you would also likely have to pay fines and any potential restitution to the victim in your case.

Whether you are facing felony identity theft charges or misdemeanor bad checks charges, I can help. Contact me today to discuss your case. I can give you a free consultation and help you navigate the Connecticut criminal courts.