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Potential Charges for Cop Involved in Fatal Crash

Posted by Erin FieldJul 24, 20090 Comments

Last month two young people died when the vehicle they were in was involved in an accident with a police cruiser. The investigation into that accident is now being treated as a negligent homicide, according to this article from the Connecticut Post.

Officer Jason Anderson from the Milford, CT Police Department was leaving a “mutual-aid call” in New Haven around 2:15 am on June 13th when he collided with the 2008 Mazda carrying 19 year olds Ashlie Krakowski and Dave Servin. Servin died at the accident scene while Krakowski was transported to a New Haven Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The entire crash was recorded on the dash camera of fellow Officer Rick Pisani who was following Anderson at the time of the wreck. Witnesses have stated that Anderson may have been speeding.

While there is no current indication what could have made this a potential negligent homicide, a search and seizure warrant for the vehicles was issued on June 16th. The warrant application said there is “probable cause to believe” that the police cruiser contained evidence of a negligent homicide.

When the warrant was executed on June 17th, investigators took the powertrain control module from the Crown Victoria. This module can provide information such as vehicle speed, tire condition, and brake status at the time of the accident.

This investigation obviously isn't over and we are likely to see more details emerge as time goes on.

This accident is evidence that not all traffic accidents are cut and dry. As a matter of fact, there are many criminal traffic offenses that you can be charged with.

Although they are nowhere near as serious as negligent homicide, charges like reckless driving and hit & run can land you jail time and a criminal record.

If you have found yourself on the wrong side of the law due to a traffic offense and you want help determining what course of action to take, call me today.