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Percentage of Women That Are Sexually Assaulted in College

Posted by Erin FieldApr 28, 20220 Comments

Depressed Student Worried About Sexual Assault in College

Under the Connecticut Penal Code, sexual assault means any kind of unwanted sexual activity. Sexual assault is a particular problem for college students – according to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), it's more common at college than other crimes. But what percentage of women are sexually assaulted in college, and what should you do if you're charged with this sexual offense? Let me explain below. 

What Percentage of Women Are Sexually Assaulted in College?

Over 26 percent of undergraduate females are sexually assaulted in campus, according to statistics compiled by RAINN. 

  • Unwanted sexual contact is the most common type of sexual assault, according to research articles.
  • College-age women are around three times more likely than women generally to suffer sexual crimes or violence.   
  • Almost 10 percent of graduate women students are sexually assaulted in college.  

Why Is Sexual Assault so Common on College Campuses?

Anxious Female Student Sexual Assault in College What Percentage

According to research by the Office on Women's Health, there are two main reasons why it's so common. 

  • Peer pressure may cause students to take drugs and drink alcohol excessively. They may participate in activities – such as sexual acts – which make them uncomfortable.
  • When students drink too much or take drugs, they can't consent to sexual activity, or they might initiate sexual contact without realising it's unwanted. 

Sexual assault accusations are very serious. If you're accused of sexual assault on or off-campus, you need immediate assistance from an experienced sexual assault defense attorney.        

What Is the Safest College Campus in the US?

College safety data submitted by schools across the country suggests that some of the safest college campuses are right here in CT. 

According to research by a security firm, the University of Connecticut (UConn) is the safest college campus. Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) is also among the safest schools, with only six crimes committed per 1,000 students, and less than 0.5 sexual offense reports per 1,000 students. 

Other CT campuses with very low sexual offense reports include Sacred Heart University (SHU), Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU), and University of New Haven (UNH). 

How Can College Campuses Be Safer?

For most students, college means making new friends, socializing in a new way, and living away from their parents or guardians for the first time. Colleges should consider how to facilitate safer campuses by introducing e.g. clear reporting procedures and sexual consent education.

If you've been accused of sexual assault at college in CT, you need my help to ensure the allegations are managed properly – contact me now for a case evaluation. 

Sexual Assault Attorney Connecticut

The percentage of women sexually assaulted in college is worryingly high, so it's crucial you understand what constitutes consent and how to socialize responsibly. 

Are you in need of a sexual assault defense attorney in Connecticut? See how we can help today.