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More on Connecticut’s Public Criminal Records

Posted by Erin FieldJun 30, 20080 Comments

The competition to sell your personal information such as public records of your criminal history continues to heat up. As I noted before, Ct is one of the few states that currently has a free state sponsored criminal record search.

Now, there are even private companies widely advertising on google and gmail for their services, even though the state offers a free version.

Information is becoming a commodity. Even free information is being resold and repackaged at a profit. In the age of vast online recordkeeping, privacy is becoming a thing of the past.

And for public information, you really need to expect it to become widely available to anyone at anytime.

If a criminal record could hold you back in life, whether now or ten years from now, consider fighting your criminal case, and looking for every conceivable opportunity to keep you from getting a criminal record.

Because once it is out there, it will never disappear. Even if you hope to be able to get a Connecticut charge and conviction expunged in the future, that past information could easily still pop up.

Data never goes away, it's always copied somewhere. Expungement could become a myth.

Your best chance to keep a criminal record from ruining your life is before you are convicted.