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More Details on New Proposed Connecticut DUI Laws

Posted by Erin FieldMar 04, 20080 Comments

According to this editorial, new drunk driving law proposals include:

  1. Mandatory 1 year license suspensions and substance abuse training programs for anyone 16 or 17 years old who is arrested (not even convicted?) of drunk driving.
  2. Additional unspecified tightening of “loopholes” in per se administrative procedures regarding license suspension by the Connecticut DMV. This vague statement likely has to do with stricter immediate license suspensions after being arrested on a DUI charge, perhaps both in the case of breath test refusal or failure.
  3. Required ignition interlock devices (aka a rolling breathalyzer in your car) for as a condition of license reinstatement for a 1st offense DUI conviction, but not until six months into the suspension. If you are convicted of a DUI charge, you can't drive for the first 6 months of a license suspension, then you must have an ignition interlock device in your vehicle for a year after that.

These proposes changes to CT laws and DMV procedures are still in the early stages, and could change substantially if they are enacted.