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Monitoring Connecticut Criminals – Flaws in the System

Posted by Erin FieldSep 22, 20080 Comments

The process of monitoring convicted criminals released on parole in Connecticut has serious limitations and flaws. The monitoring by Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking costs Connecticut taxpayers nearly a million dollars a year for the technology systems and monitoring of 250 people.

And that doesn't include the expenses accrued for personnel to track town false positive location violations, due to the frequent glitches. Studies have shown that these false alarms result in police, and probation office personnel having to spend time checking out these reports that an individual being tracked was in the wrong place.

Monitoring of many of these criminals, particularly sex offenders, is an important safety precaution. But if the cost and effort outweighs the benefit, the situation needs to be seriously re-evaluated.

It may make sense for Connecticut criminal justice agents to put this use of technology on hold until more reliability and accuracy makes it worth the effort.

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