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Long Beach West Cottage Fires Result in Arson Charges

Posted by Erin FieldJun 17, 20090 Comments

An arrest has been made in the fire that burned 4 vacant cottages on Long Beach West last March. According to the Connecticut Post, carnival amusement manager Kevin Stewart of Trumbull faces 3rd degree arson charges and is currently out on bond pending arraignment.

Stewart reportedly was seen by several witnesses the day of the fires, climbing a radio tower near the cottages and knocking down the red light used to alert aircraft. Other witnesses claim that they were invited to the empty cottages by Stewart to hang out in what he called his “fort”.

The four abandoned cottages were lit with candles, according to people who were present with Stewart the day preceding the fires. Although Stewart initially denied having anything to do with the blaze, he later stated that he may have unintentionally knocked over a candle.

Although the cottages were empty, arson is a serious criminal offense that could get Stewart a stint in prison. Property crimes like arson and criminal mischief often carry penalties that surprise the people facing those charges.

Criminal mischief is the most common property damage crime and is split into 4 categories or degrees. The charge you face for criminal mischief depends on several things including what it was that was damaged and the value of the damage done.

For a simple criminal mischief charge in Connecticut, one can face anywhere from 3 months in jail to 5 years in prison. This long range of potential penalties can cause a serious amount of uncertainty and stress when you go before the judge.

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