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Infamous CT Hit and Run Still Unsolved

Posted by Erin FieldApr 28, 20090 Comments

Last year footage of a hit and run made its way across the country and over the Internet. This Hartford case involved an elderly man crossing the street and being mercilessly struck by a vehicle and left for dead. The grainy video made its rounds but hasn't been able to assist police in solving the case.

78 year old Angel Torres is now hooked up to life support which he relies on to breath for him. He is paralyzed from the neck down and doctors have given his family the option of taking him off of the machines if they choose.

Despite the crime being caught on surveillance cameras, the footage was too distorted to get a license plate number from. Police circulated the footage from department to department and even got the MGM casino's assistance in using their technologically advanced camera systems to try and decipher the plate number. All was in naught and the police are no further now than they were last year.

This report from WFSB details that at the time of the accident there were three people in the car. The likelihood of no one knowing anything about the identity of these three suspects is very slim.

Because the original charges were misdemeanors, the statute of limitations was about to run out, making it impossible for prosecutors to pursue charges should further information about their identity be found. An additional charge of evading responsibility has been added. This felony gives the police an additional 4 years to find the people responsible for this accident.

Charges like hit and run are fairly serious even when no one gets hurt. If you hit a car and leave the scene you can lose your license and face large fines. A criminal charge in Connecticut like this can become a permanent mark on your record.

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