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High Profile Attorney Pleads Not Guilty in Ct. Domestic Assault Case

Posted by Erin FieldJan 26, 20100 Comments

A high profile attorney in Connecticut that formerly worked under both Bush Administrations pled not guilty this week in a case that accused him of trying to kill his wife with a flashlight after learning she wanted a divorce. The not guilty plea sets the stage for plea negotiations that could begin in a pre-trial conference scheduled for February 16th.

The formal charges against 57 year old John Michael Farren include attempted murder, strangulation, and first degree assault.

The incident that led to these charges occurred on January 6th of last year when his 43 year old wife was beaten unconscious with a flashlight. According to the Stamford Advocate she was left with a broken jaw, facial lacerations and fractures. When she regained consciousness she was apparently able to hit a panic alarm and get out of the house with the couple's two children.

Two days prior to the incident, Farren's wife had served him with divorce papers.

Domestic violence incidents are rarely this violent. However, it sometimes takes an extreme assault for a victim of such violence to seek help. It is quite common for victims of domestic violence to be ashamed of the violent relationship and want to keep it a secret.

Being accused of domestic violence like this, or even less serious cases, can be stressful and humiliating for all parties. When you are accused of beating your wife, girlfriend, or mother of your child, you will face shame and judgment from even those who you are closest to.

The mere accusation of domestic violence can end close relationships as family and friends typically seek to protect the alleged victim. Like Farren, if freed on bail in a case like this, you are typically barred from contacting the victim and even members of their family.

If you are facing charges of domestic assault or even assault of a stranger, I can help. When you think no one is on your side, you need a defense attorney in your corner willing to fight for your interests. Contact me today to discuss the details of your case.