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Helping People Accused of Crimes in Connecticut

Posted by Erin FieldJul 03, 20170 Comments

helping people accused of crimes in Connecticut

Career Professionals

If you are like many of my clients, you have a good job, own a home, and possibly have a family. I will listen to your concern involving your job and family and assist you with positive strategies in these areas. The last thing you should do is risk any of these things due to a criminal conviction.

The first thing you need to do is contact a criminal defense lawyer who can not only help you make your case go away but who can help you get through this difficult and nerve-wracking time. Most people who call me are in a state of panic and I help them calm down by giving them facts about what to expect.

As a lawyer, I pride myself in taking a personal interest in each of my clients. I am sure you're probably not sleeping or eating properly. Perhaps your spouse is sensing your nervousness or you are behaving in a less than your usual patient manner with your children or co-workers.

College Students

“Don't let schooling interfere with your education” Mark Twain

College is supposed to be a fun time in your life where partying is encouraged and having a good time is part of the culture. Unfortunately, if you are under 21, the State of Connecticut does not agree.

Chances are, you not only worked hard to get into college, but you are taking it seriously, studying a lot, and doing your best to be a top student. Your parents and professors are expecting you to achieve great things and you are looking forward to your very bright future. This could involve your career, graduate school, law school or medical school.

Connecticut criminal charge issues for students

Unfortunately, if you are arrested for anything, you could potentially be risking everything you have been working for. Any criminal conviction can prevent you from realizing your dream of becoming a doctor, lawyer, medical professional of any kind, financial professional or any other type of job that requires a degree or special license.

You are probably afraid to tell your parents and perhaps you may end up facing potential consequences at school as well like removal from campus housing, academic suspension or even expulsion. Everyday it's tough to concentrate or to know what to do. Your well-intentioned friends are telling you “it's no big deal” and maybe the cops said the same thing as they were arresting you.

One thing you need to know – it IS a big deal. Some of the laws in CT are designed to punish you more severely if you are under 21 or under 18. Possession of Alcohol by a Minor, Reckless Driving, and possession of any amount of marijuana are a few of these offenses.

If you call me, I will listen to your concerns and discuss your case with you and discuss your case with you. I give a 20% discount to college students and can very likely get your case dropped or help you get a diversionary program which is discretionary.

Medical Professionals

Out of all the types of clients I represent, medical professionals and students have the highest standard of conduct expected of them and the most to lose. Any kind of a criminal conviction can destroy all you have worked for in the past and can prevent you from moving forward in your career as a doctor, nurse, EMT, anesthesiologist, X-ray technician, ultrasound technician, orderly or any other medical professional.

Connecticut criminal charge issues for medical professionals

If you work at a hospital, medical center, doctor's office, dental clinic or any type of medical facility, you cannot risk a criminal conviction of any kind. As far as the medical profession is concerned, any criminal conviction – misdemeanor or felony – serious enough to cause you to be terminated from employment. It can also lead to a loss of any professional license you have earned in your chosen field of medicine.

If you are applying to medical school, nursing school, or any other medical program, a criminal conviction can most certainly keep you out for good. Any kind of program relating to any part of the medical field is highly competitive. even at community colleges, brand new schools, and certificate programs. You are competing with many people who not only have stellar grades but who don't have criminal records because the medical profession wants people of good moral character.

If you are a medical professional or student facing any kind of criminal charge, I am here for you. I am frequently able to get charges dropped by negotiating with prosecutors or using discretionary diversionary programs. There is an excellent chance I will be able to do this for you.

Active Military Service and Veterans

Whether you are new to the United States Navy, Army, Marines or Air Force or you are in the midst of a military career, if you are facing any charges more serious than a speeding ticket, going to court by yourself is a very bad idea. As an active member of the military, you are held to a higher standard than the average person both in the State and Federal Courts, and under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. As someone who is brave enough to be dedicated to serving your country, you deserve competent representation in court.

Connecticut criminal charge issues for Veterans

This is why I offer a 10% discount to active military personnel and veterans. This also applies to you if you are in the reserves.

As an active member of the military, chances are you have been issued a firearm and you have a housing allowance. You are also afforded medical assistance and maybe tuition reimbursement in addition to other possible benefits. If your service is terminated by your military branch due to a criminal charge or conviction by the State of Connecticut or Federal government, you will be losing all of those benefits.

This is why you cannot afford to go it alone in criminal court. Even a reckless driving charge can wreak havoc on your ability to stay in the military. Obviously more serious charges can cause you to lose everything you have worked for since you joined the service.

Call Me Today for a Personalized Legal Solution

Don't risk your entire future because you are embarrassed or ashamed of what's happening. Anyone can get arrested at any time for any reason whether their actions were intentional or not.

I am easy to talk to and a great listener. I understand the roller coaster of emotions you are facing and can help you move forward past this scary time. Please call me so I can discuss your case and let me help you make an informed decision on what I can do to take care of you.