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Hartford Man Rejects What Could Have Been a Lenient Plea Agreement

Posted by Erin FieldJan 28, 20100 Comments

A man who had previously pled guilty to charges of 1st degree assault, two counts of 1st degree robbery, and 1st degree aggravated sexual assault rejected a plea deal at the last minute, instead electing to head to trial in a move that is likely being questioned by all those around him.

Twenty-one year old Antoney Drummond had originally been okay with a potential 20 years that the plea agreement had suggested. When the case was brought before Superior Court Judge David P. Gold, however, Gold wanted the option of adding another 5 years, something that the defendant just couldn't bring himself to agree to.

The details of the case are what led Judge Gold to request the additional 5 years after hearing them explained by prosecutor Chris Pelosi.

According to the Hartford Courant, the defendant was accused of robbing a woman at gunpoint on Albany Avenue. He allegedly took the few dollars she had and then forced her onto the ground next to her car where he raped her. The rape was interrupted by a witness who was also said to have been robbed by Drummond before he left the scene.

Following his arrest, Mr. Drummond allegedly confessed to the crime and DNA was recovered from the victim linking him to the incident. Incidentally, the DNA also linked him to a similar rape which occurred on May 5, 2008.

Despite all this evidence, Drummond wants to go to trial. Judge Gold cautioned Drummond, telling him the chances of him seeing a better outcome at trial weren't very good considering the evidence. Drummond faces a total of 90 years if convicted and this is only related to the December charges.

Plea agreements are only made when both parties are satisfied with the details. In some cases they offer defendants a more lenient sentence or lesser charge. But, if a defendant decides the agreement isn't in his best interest, he doesn't have to go forward with it. This is why it is called an “agreement”.

Plea agreements are something that should be carefully analyzed by the defendant, with his attorney. Most cases in our state end in pleas, so knowing how the system works and having a defense attorney to help you through the plea process is crucial.

Whether you are facing charges of DUI to drug trafficking, the prosecution may offer you a plea deal. Contact me today so we can discuss the best possible plan for your case.