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Fraud Charges for Milford Man

Posted by Erin FieldJul 20, 20090 Comments

A Milford CT man is facing serious charges of fraud after he and an accomplice swindled $100,000 in donations from a local woman according to this article from the Connecticut Post.

Michael Kahn is facing charges first degree larceny, conspiracy to commit larceny, violating the state opportunities investment act, and charges of sale of unregistered securities.

Kahn and friend Barry Diamond received $100,000 in donations from a Fairfield woman who believed she was donating to see the rehabilitation of Norwalk condominiums for the poor. When she asked for status updates on the project and received none, she demanded her donation be returned.

The woman later found out that these men did not own the Norwalk project and Kahn had actually left for Singapore.

Diamond was charged for the incident back in April and is awaiting trial as well. He had previously served as the president of the Trumbell Chamber of Commerce and other fairly prestigious positions in the community.

Fraud cases often deal with fraudulent charities and misdirected donations. People are often willing to come out of pocket for a good cause and some see this as an opportunity to make money the wrong way.

Facing charges like 1st degree larceny, as these two men do, can be very intimidating. These particular men could be going to prison for a long time.

First degree larceny in itself carries a potential 20 year prison sentence along with $15,000 in fines. It is a Class B Felony charge.

Even stealing less valuable goods and services can carry a hefty penalty. Sixth degree larceny occurs when the value of the stolen goods is less than $250. This offense is considered a Class c misdemeanor and carries a potential 3 months in jail.

If you are looking at doing time or paying huge fines because of fraud or larceny charges, call me today to discuss your case. You want an experience local attorney going to bat for you and I could be the right one for the job.