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East Hartford Neighborhood Upset Over Reckless Driver

Posted by Erin FieldJun 04, 20100 Comments

One East Hartford man who has received 17 tickets in the past four years is causing a headache for some neighbors. He likes to work on cars and he likes to race, but neighbors are worried something tragic will have to happen before the man is taken off the road.

According to this Courant article, one neighbor has circulated a petition asking that officials get involved. Law enforcement's hands are tied, however, aside from continuing to issue tickets when the speeder is caught. They say his license is scheduled to be suspended in July, but some aren't satisfied with that answer.

Apparently, the man has had 2 reckless driving charges within that stack of tickets and that's not surprising considering driving over 85 miles per hour is a reckless driving offense. Unlike basic speeding tickets, however, reckless driving can also cost you time in jail.

The man's family and friends don't seem to stand behind his speeding but do say he is a genius when it comes to cars and he enjoys modifying both his and his friends' vehicles.

Reckless driving is about more than just speeding, however. You can actually be going under the speed limit and be charged with reckless driving.

According to Connecticut statutes, you can face this charge if your driving puts people's safety at risk. Because the laws are so broad, the reckless driving offense is open to interpretation and applied in any circumstances.

Driving offenses like reckless driving and DUI are far more serious than a simple speeding ticket and they are treated as such within the courts. For your first offense of reckless driving, you face a potential 30 days in jail. If this is your second such charge, that potential jail sentence is increased to 1 year.

This isn't just a speeding ticket; it's a criminal offense. Contact me today to get some legal advice about your case and the options available to you.