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DUI for Connecticut High School Coach

Posted by Erin FieldSep 21, 20090 Comments

Forty three year old Paul Burke faced a judge this past week on charges of DUI stemming from an arrest that took place over a year ago. Burke pled not guilty last year and it seems his case is finally ready to go forward.

According to The Connecticut Post, the Greenwich high school lacrosse coach crashed his BMW into a wall on Middlesex Road in Darien last year. Police found Burke to be unsteady on his feet with bloodshot, glassy eyes. They took him in where he was found to reportedly have a blood alcohol level of .29 percent.

He wasn't arrested until two months after the accident, at which time he was charged with DUI and failure to keep right. He was subsequently suspended from his position as coach and history teacher.

Since the suspension, Burke was reinstated on an agreement with the school district stating that any further violations will result in his terminations. The agreement also has Burke submitting to criminal background checks, donating his money to an advocacy group and refraining from drinking in illegal capacities.

As expected, some parents were appalled at the coach's situation while others defended him. The same can be said with most criminal charges. It is when you are in your darkest moments that you truly find out who is on your side and who is a fair weather friend.

Burke has at least one prior DUI on his record which could impact his sentence if found guilty this time. A first time DUI offense leads to license suspension, jail time, and fines, among other things.

If you are facing DUI charges now, you are likely wondering if your case could take as long as Burke's to resolve. If we opt to go to trial, it could, though it is unlikely.

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