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CT Man Allegedly Hid Crack-Cocaine in Buttocks

Posted by Erin FieldJul 06, 20090 Comments

Police were working in the Sanford Place area of Bridgeport earlier this week when they found a man hiding some serious loot.

Officers on the Strategic Enforcement Team recognized Elliot Rankin, who has previous drug convictions according to this brief article in the Connecticut Post. When they approached Rankin, however, officers noticed he was standing as if he had his buttocks clenched together.

Rankin initially denied he had anything and refused to relax. However, police were able to recover 53 small baggies containing a total of more than 5 grams of crack cocaine that Rankin had been hiding in between his buttocks.

Some may be laughing but Rankin certainly isn't as he faces charges of possession of narcotics with intent to sell, within 1500 feet of a school, trespass, and possession of narcotics.

As the police move in on someone with drugs, it's not uncommon for the suspect to stash the drugs wherever possible. While the pants are an obvious choice, it may be a little more unusual to find drugs between the buttocks.

Regardless of where the substance is found, facing charges for being in possession of any controlled substance is not a laughing matter.

As a matter of fact the drugs don't even have to be on you to be charged with possession. If the police see you hide drugs or throw them away, you can be charged. If they are under the seat in your car or even under the seat of a car you are a passenger in, you can face charges.

Whether you are facing charges of possession of marijuana or something more serious like possession with intent to distribute cocaine, the experience of a criminal defense attorney on your side is crucial. Call me for a free consultation on your case today.