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Criminal Background Check Watch

Posted by Erin FieldMay 07, 20080 Comments

A new private company in Connecticut is providing high tech background searches, fingerprinting and biometric information analysis to government agencies and private companies.

More private employers will continue to do extensive research into potential hires as these technologies become cheaper and more convenient. Connecticut is already one of the few states that has public internet listings of all criminal charges.

In the 21st century, there is no hiding from a criminal record, and no way to predict how a conviction might be universal public information, and held against you in the future.

Don't plead guilty to any criminal charge in Connecticut without considering all the future implications of big brother knowing you have a criminal history. Even when you think it is just a minor charge for a youthful indiscretion like drug possession, or a reckless driving charge – the first thing a potential employer will find out about you is that you have a criminal record.

You may never get the chance to “explain it away” – you will simply not be called back for that job.

Please contact me to find out how I can help prevent this 21st century scarlet letter from being attached to you.