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Credit Card Fraud in Manchester CT

Posted by Erin FieldApr 16, 20090 Comments

Credit Card fraud is a more common offense than you might think. Just last week a couple was arrested at a Manchester home after the police discovered they had thousands of dollars of fraudulently obtained merchandise delivered there.

A credit card in the name of a Greenwich man was used by Sophia Grant and Orell Francis to purchase lots of high end merchandise. According to WFSB, their loot included $6,000 worth from Bergdorf Goodman, $36,000 in orders from Chanel, and $4,000 in products from Saks Fifth Avenue. All of these orders were delivered to the home where one of the suspects works as a health aide.

The Connecticut Financial Crimes Task Force made the arrest in this high dollar fraud scheme. The task force is under the Secret Service, and works to solve offenses including credit card fraud, identity theft, and other similar white collar crimes.

The penalty for such offenses can be quite serious. For instance, a credit card fraud charge can be a felony, depending on the amount of money in question. The charge can carry up to 5 years in prison as well as large fines and restitution.

Other white collar crimes like identity theft and theft of a credit card are also considered serious offenses and punished accordingly by the Connecticut judicial system. Having an experienced attorney may help someone facing these charges get a better outcome in court.

If you are facing charges of credit card fraud or even bad checks, I can help. By analyzing your entire case, I can develop a defense strategy to best fit your situation and your desired outcome. Call us to discuss your case today and see how having an experienced local attorney can help.