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Cop Fired, Bar Closed in Windsor Locks Case

Posted by Erin FieldDec 15, 20100 Comments

A police officer facing charges for manslaughter in the DUI death of a young bicyclist was fired by the Windsor Locks police department last week. A commission voted on Dec. 9 to fire the officer at the center of a State Police investigation according to the Associated Press.

The twenty four year old officer was said to be drinking for around six hours at the local bar before leaving and ultimately colliding with a 15 year old riding his bike home from a friend's house.

As I reported here last month, police response on the night of the accident is being investigated as there are some significant questions on how the accident was handled. It's been suggested the suspect's father, a police Sergeant himself may have overstepped his bounds on the night in question.

The young officer is currently free on a $50,000 cash bond and was initially on administrative leave until the commission decided to fire him. The same commission has also voted for an independent investigator to look at the handling of the police response that evening.

In addition to the cop losing his job, the bar that he was drinking at closed its doors for good. NBC Connecticut reported just this week that the Suffield Tavern has shut down. Although they state business wasn't going that well to begin with, the press coverage of the accident certainly hasn't helped.

The victim's family intend on suing the tavern owners as well as the officer and his father, according to the NBC report.

More than just a DUI charge, this officer faces serious time if convicted on vehicular manslaughter charges.

Very few drunk driving charges result in accidents, injury, or death in tragic case like this. But you face a DUI in Connecticut, you still need an attorney on your side looking out for your best interests and telling you of your available options. Contact me today to discuss your case.