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Connecticut Trio Faces Gun Charges Possibly Related to Recent Gang Violence

Posted by Erin FieldOct 14, 20090 Comments

Three young men are facing charges related to a MAC 10 firearm they were found to be in possession of this week. This after two of their associates were killed in the past month in gang related shootings.

Twenty three year old Travon Clark, Gregory Hughes, and 27 year old Jeffrey Daniels were found in the parking lot of the Marina Village housing complex riding in a Mazda without a license plate. Police stopped the vehicle for this reason and found the .45 caliber machine pistol in the back seat.

Bridgeport police were originally called to the scene for suspicion of drug activity but failed to find such activity taking place.

Once they got the men out of the vehicle, the weapon was easily seen, reportedly sticking out of a bag on the floor of the back seat. According to this Connecticut Post article the MAC 10 was loaded and ready to be used.

The men involved are suspected of being associated with the “Stack Boys” or the “South Side Crew”. Ronald Miley, shot and killed in September, and another shooting victim from just last week were said to be acquaintances of the men, leading police to jump to the assumption that these men were prepared for retaliation of sorts.

All three young men are facing charges of weapons in a motor vehicle and interfering with police. Hughes and Daniels face the additional charge of criminal possession of a firearm. A woman is also facing charges for trying to move the vehicle before the gun could be recovered.

Firearm offenses are numerous in the Connecticut criminal code. These laws are designed to protect the public but are often applied in inconsistent manners.

When you are facing felony charges, whether related to a weapon or not, you have to know your criminal history will come in to play. If the court has seen you before you will need an attorney to assist you in convincing the court you deserve another chance.

The chance of the judge being lenient on your case is significantly improved if this is your first criminal charge.

If you are facing any sort of criminal charge in the Connecticut courts, you need an aggressive defense attorney to ensure your side is heard. Contact me today to discuss what happened on the date of your arrest and to get some free legal advice.