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Connecticut Lawmakers Consider Stun Gun Law

Posted by Erin FieldMar 05, 20100 Comments

The Connecticut state legislature is considering making it legal for the people of the state to carry stun guns for personal protection. The Taser company, located in Scottsdale Arizona, estimates 200,000 Americans already carry the devices; this law would make it legally acceptable in this state.

Currently, a taser or stun gun, is considered a weapon under state law, subject to strict regulations. Because people want to feel safe in public, many are urging lawmakers to allow the legal carry of the weapons for personal protection.

While many states have passed or are considering making it okay to carry guns in public places, the relatively less serious tasers are still causing some backlash. According to the Courant, some opposing the legislation are concerned about the potential for heart attacks caused by the weapons.

Just like firearms, tasers are considered weapons. And just like firearms, they are heavily regulated in Connecticut and across the country. Although we are guaranteed the right to bear arms by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, states can regulate that right, enacting laws to control when and how we are able to use and even possess those weapons.

Stories in the news of law violators being caught with guns only further fuel the public's perception of guns and other weapons as innately dangerous. This story, for instance, from the Connecticut Post details a case involving weapons, drugs, and threatening. Cases that feature more than one law violation are automatically seen as more serious, particularly by the public at large.

When you are caught in possession of a weapon, whether it is a gun or a taser, you may be concerned about how it can affect your future. Sure you have a right to bear arms, but that right doesn't override state laws.

If you are facing charges like carrying a dangerous weapon or unlawful discharge, both felonies, call me today. Having handled cases just like this, I am confident I can help you with yours.