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Connecticut Gun Charge: 3 Reasons to Avoid Self-Representation

Posted by Erin FieldFeb 23, 20140 Comments

connecticut gun charge 3 reasons to avoid self representation

Have you been accused of a gun charge in Hartford or another city in Connecticut? If so, you may be facing significant jail time and hefty fines. Being convicted of a crime is simply not an option for you. If you are found guilty, you could lose your job, your family, and your future. Still, if you are confident in your innocence, you may decide to try to stand trial on your own and represent yourself. This is a bad idea.

As a criminal defense attorney in Connecticut, I have seen the downfalls of self-representation in the courtroom. I have also learned the importance of having experience and knowledge on the side of the person being charged with a crime.

And I am not just a criminal defense attorney, I am a proud gun owner and a defender of the 2nd Amendment.

Here are three ways having a criminal attorney can help you beat your gun charge:

  1. Gather witnesses to strengthen your case – Having witnesses and experts on your side can strengthen your case. These people can take the stand and help you prove your innocence. However, it is not always easy to find these expert witnesses. By retaining a criminal defense attorney, you can gain access to these invaluable people and help strengthen your case.
  2. Negotiate your sentence – Criminal defense attorneys in Hartford have an established relationship with the State Attorney and others in the court system. This relationship allows the defense team the ability to negotiate for you and know what it takes to get your sentence reduced or withdrawn completely.
  3. Be your advocate from start to finish – You are most likely new to the court system and may have a lot of questions about what goes into a trial and what you need to do to win your case. By working directly with a Connecticut criminal attorney, you can have a better understanding of the complexities of standing trial and get the legal guidance you need to avoid the risk of conviction.

Don't head to court alone. Contact Field Law Office, LLC today. I will work with you and help you to get the representation you deserve so that you can have the best chance at winning your case.