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Connecticut Crime Bill Veto?

Posted by Erin FieldMay 07, 20080 Comments

Governor Rell may veto the crime bill, thought to be a signature achievement of the administration, for budgetary reasons.

The proposed would toughen criminal sentences for some violent crimes in the wake of some recent high profile home invasions and murders in Connecticut. But the sticking point is with the cost (up to $10 million) of the increased enforcement and criminal justice expenses, from additional prosecutors and parole officers, to more state police detectives to investigate and solve these horrific crimes.

Budgetary problems are impacting law enforcement efforts and new criminal legislation across the country. Also in the news, the Governor of Tennessee announced he is abandoning plans to toughen DUI laws due to budgetary constraints. That bill was also considered a high priority before the reality of state financial shortfalls halted progress on the new laws.