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Community Interaction Team Makes Drug Arrests and Clean Up West Hartford Streets

Posted by Erin FieldFeb 02, 20090 Comments

The Community Interaction Team (CIT) of the West Hartford Police Department is a proactive police unit dedicated to keeping a close eye on criminal activity in the West Hartford community. From gang activity to drug offenses, these police officers try to keep an upper hand on crime and keep it under control.

Working with local businesses the CIT knows where problems are before they become to big. By capturing the issues before they grow they hope to keep the people and businesses in the community safe. The unit works with the community, not just in it.

As this article points out, in 2008 the CIT made 607 arrests. That number is quite staggering for one team and is either evidence of their effectiveness or evidence of a growing crime problem. More than likely, however, it is a combination of both.

As of late, they have been noticing a growing heroin problem in their arrests and searches. This means more and more drug charges are entering the West Hartford courts. Users and dealers that the majority of the community was not aware of are finding their ways into the courts.

Many of these drug offenders go unnoticed by the public because that's the way they want it. They don't want to draw attention to themselves for fear of embarrassment and more so, fear of criminal charges. Their arrests often end in not only drug charges but theft, DUI, or other assorted criminal offenses.

They are right to be scared and to want to lay low. For a first time drug offender in CT, a heroin charge can bring up to 7 years in jail and a $50,000 fine. As repeat charges occur, they risk more and more as the sentences grow.

With the help of an experienced defense attorney, someone charged for the first time may be able to reach a plea agreement with the prosecution and possibly even only serve probation. This, of course, depends on many factors. If you or someone you know is facing charges like this, be certain to consult with an attorney who is experienced with the drug laws of Connecticut.