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Bridgeport Prescription Drug Ring Busted

Posted by Erin FieldMay 10, 20100 Comments

Four Connecticut men are facing federal charges in New York this week after supposedly trafficking millions of dollars in prescription drugs into the Bridgeport area. Prescription drug abuse continues to grow across the country as I see cases just like this one hit the news on a weekly basis. But the false belief that prescription drug charges are somehow less serious than other illegal substances still prevails.

Despite the fact that people know using a prescription drug that was not prescribed to you is a criminal offense, it is somehow seen as less serious than using cocaine, for instance. The fact that the drug originated with a doctor and pharmacist somehow lessens the stigma attached to the substance and seems to make it easier for people to rationalize its use.

Prescription drug laws, however, don't reflect this same lackadaisical attitude, as being caught in possession of a prescription substance not prescribed to you can lead to serious penalties.

According to the Hartford Courant, the four men arrested and charged in the New York case would travel to Manhattan from Connecticut to visit a pain doctor and pharmacy. Then, the drugs would make their way back to the Bridgeport area where they would be sold in the illegal drug trade.

Common in prescription drug organizations, the ringleader “employed” several buyers to get the prescriptions filled, lessening their chance of getting caught and maximizing the amount of drugs they would leave New York with.

As stated, however, this isn't a unique case. Just last week a story broke nationally that detailed the work of a theft ring making off with $75 million in prescription drugs from an Enfield warehouse. Officials state this particular heist had to have been well planned in order to occur. When the demand exists, the players in the prescription drug world will go to extreme measures to create the supply.

Being caught in possession of prescription drugs can get you a year in jail for your first offense. If this is your second such case, you could be up against 5 years in a state prison. These aren't charges to be taken lightly simply because they are “only prescription drugs”.

If you are facing charges like this, I can help. I have handled numerous drug possession cases in the state and look forward to hearing about yours. Call me today for a consultation on your case.