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Bird Fighting Rings Warrants Animal Cruelty Charges in CT

Posted by Erin FieldJul 30, 20090 Comments

Typically if you hear of animals being trained to fight for human pleasure you think of dogs or even roosters. A recent case out of Danbury, however, uncovered the lesser known practice of finch fighting.

According to this article from the Connecticut Post, 150 finches were seized from a suburban home where they were being pitted against one another in battles to the death. Nineteen men were arrested, all of them Brazilian natives.

Despite the similarities between the charged parties, the police caution that this isn't just a South American phenomena. People who want to wager money on the fights come from all walks of life and all nationalities.

So what's the allure of using finches? They are smaller and quieter than roosters and dogs. The majority of the birds seized were saffron finches, typically used as house pets.

Police Sergeant John Krupinsky reveals that a good fighting bird can bring in $1,000 a fight and can sell for around $5,000. At the time of the arrests, about $8,000 in cash was also taken.

Occurrences like this are not the norm, but they do happen. A few years back the dog fighting case involving NFL baller Michael Vick opened the nation's eyes to an activity that has been going on for ages.

Although the Connecticut Post article doesn't reveal what type of charges these men face, the Connecticut statutes reveal that for owning, possessing, keeping, training, or betting on a fight of this nature the men could be facing up to 5 years in prison for each count.

Little known criminal activities happen all the time. Sometimes you may not even realize you were breaking the law. Unfortunately, ignorance is rarely a supportable defense.

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