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Criminal Charges for Minors Go Before Juvenile Review Board

Posted by Erin FieldSep 05, 20080 Comments

In an effort to avoid criminal courts and a potential criminal record early in life, a new program aims to put juveniles before a review board. The current program, being used in Winsted, Torrington and Waterbury brings youthful offenders for minor charges before a board of local community leaders, and social service agencies.

Examples of infractions that may be referred to a review board include vandalism/criminal mischief, and theft. To be eligible for this alternative, the individual must be 16 or under, have no previous criminal history, and be recommended by the police officer.

Review boards are overseen by the towns youth services commissions, and typically meet monthly.

Typical “sentences” handed out by the juvenile review boards include counseling, or writing a letter of apology to the victim.

All in all, these boards are an excellent attempt to help at-risk youths before they become entrenched in the criminal justice system, and create an opportunity for preventing future problems. In addition, they take some of the caseload off of the frequently overburdened criminal courts in Connecticut.

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