What Is Probable Cause?

Clients who have been charged with a DUI in Connecticut often ask, “What is probable cause?” Watch this video to learn if your arrest was legal.


What is probable cause?


Sometimes people call us and say they have been charged with a DUI. They are mad because the only reason that the cop stopped them was because they failed to use their turn signal or they had a taillight out, say. What Is Probable Cause? These are all reasons for police officers to stop you. There is absolutely nothing wrong and these are perfectly legal stops. Even if you’re driving perfectly like an angel, if there’s some other reason the cop finds to stop you, it is perfectly fine for you to be stopped.
Once you start speaking to the police officer, your behavior upon being stopped may give that officer clues as to whether or not you’ve been drinking or doing drugs that night. They do not have to have what is called probable cause to stop you; they can stop you for any little violation. Once they stop you, though, they do have probable cause if you smell like alcohol or marijuana or some other substance. If I can answer these questions for you further because you’re dealing with a case like this, give us a call.

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