Unlawful Imprisonment

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What are the penalties for unlawful imprisonment?


Unlawful ImprisonmentIf you’re charged with kidnapping, which is also called unlawful imprisonment in the state of Connecticut, that’s a felony and you could be looking at several years in jail. What constitutes a kidnapping is not always what you think of as kidnapping. Sometimes a scenario can turn into a kidnapping situation even if it didn’t start out as one. If you have somebody who’s voluntarily sitting in your car talking to you and all of a sudden you just take off and they’re telling you they don’t want to be in your car anymore, you are going to face a kidnapping charge. It’s important that you don’t hold people against their will, whether it’s in your vehicle or your home, and whether or not they arrived there of their own volition. If you are facing kidnapping charges, you absolutely need to get a lawyer. Contact my office so I can help.

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