Social Media Harassment Charges

If you are dealing with social media harassment charges – the charges can be more serious than you might think. Learn how we can help.


What do I do if I’m charged with Harassment through Social Media?


If you’re a college student in Connecticut, chances are you’re on some form of social media. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, these things can be used to harass people. When they are, the courts take it at least as serious as if you were harassing somebody by leaving them hate mail in their physical mailbox, and you’re going to want to have representation.

On social media, you don’t even have to put the person’s name out there. I’ve represented people who were charged with either harassment or some kind of stalker-y sort of charge that they got from something that they put on social media in which this person didn’t even say who her threats were directed at. The person that they were directed at just figured they were being directed at her, and that young lady that I represented was in trouble. I got her out of the trouble, but she wasn’t even calling anybody by name, and she got in trouble. She wasn’t the only person I’ve represented in that circumstance. If it’s something on social media, the cops take it very seriously and so do the courts, in fact, sometimes more serious because they think you’re trying to hide from the other party. If this is something that you’re being charged with, call me and I can certainly help you get through it.

Social Media Harassment Charges

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