Shoplifting Defense

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Is there any defense that can be used against shoplifting?


Shoplifting in Connecticut does not generally have a defense. Here’s why: every store you go into has what are called “loss prevention” people. These are people who are paid by retail stores to walk around and look like they are shopping. While they may look like they’re shopping, what they’re doing is communicating with the people that are in the other part of the store that are watching the cameras. Not every store is like this; the more sophisticated the store, the more likely you are to run into this. It’s hard to defend shoplifting, given this. There are cameras everywhere. While I do get excellent results for people on retail shopping cases where they are caught stealing by a loss prevention person or are seen on camera, oftentimes these clients are still looking at a larceny charge. A warrant will come out after the fact.

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