Seized Property

Did the police seized property of yours and refuse to give it back? Watch this video to figure out your next steps. We can help.


What do I do if the police have taken my property?


If you’re in college and the cops have taken something that belongs to you, like your backpack, your cellphone, possibly even your vehicle, you will absolutely need the assistance of an attorney to get those things back. The reason is because sometimes it will not get taken care of all in the criminal court. Sometimes, the state of Connecticut will bring what’s called a forfeiture action against you if they think that anything you have is related to dealing drugs or other illegal activity where you made money in a place where you weren’t supposed to be making money. If the cops have your property and they’re not giving it back to you, that’s when you hire a lawyer. The lawyer will surely be able to get that done at some point through the court, but you can’t be impatient, and it is going to take a lawyer to get those things back for you. If this is something you’re dealing with, call me and I can certainly help you out.

Seized Property

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