Multiple DUI Convictions

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What are the penalties for multiple DUI convictions?


Multiple DUI ConvictionsI was contacted the other day by a client with a long DUI history. I had to tell him that, since this was his third DUI in 10 years, he was likely looking at jailtime, as well as what could be a felony conviction. Depending on how many prior DUIs you have, if you are facing one of a line of DUI charges, you could be looking at a felony conviction as well as losing your license for a very long time.

The good news is that Connecticut has now adopted the interlock ignition device laws. Now, when you do get a DUI, even if it’s your second DUI, you can still probably drive if you have that device in your car. If you have prior DUIs, it depends on how many prior DUIs you have. If you need further information about this, just contact us. I are happy to speak with you about your DUI case.

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