Losing My License for a DUI

Many college students worry that they could lose their license after a DUI. The fact is that this is quite possible. Watch this video to find out.


Will I lose my license if I am arrested for a DUI as a college student?


Losing My License for a DUIIf you are a college student and you get arrested for DUI, whether you were under the influence of drugs, alcohol or both, you’re going to have to do either a program, community service, or something along those lines. You will also lose your license. There will be a period of time where you either cannot drive at all or you can only drive to and from school or to and from work. If you have a DUI charge pending and you’re a college student, call me.

A license suspension can become very complicated. The problem is, if you don’t handle it properly and you get caught driving after a DUI on a suspended license, it’s 30 days mandatory minimum jail time. Call me if this is something that I can help you out with.

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