Driving to Class After a DUI Arrest

If you have been charged with drunk driving and attend college you may wonder about driving to class after a DUI arrest. Watch to find out.


How will I drive to class if I am arrested for DUI as a college student?


Driving to Class After a DUI ArrestIf you’re a college student who lives off-campus and you get a DUI, then you may qualify for a permit to drive for a period of time, if it is your very first offense. If it is not your first offense, you will not get a permit and you will have a license suspension of at least 45 days before you can drive again with the interlock device in your car. The answer about whether you can drive to class or not depends on whether you have the permit that allows you to do that or not, and, if it’s past that period of time, whether you have the interlock device in your car or not. If you get caught driving at a time when you’re not supposed to, you can go to jail for that. It’s a 30-day mandatory minimum sentence for a first time offender. Call me if this is something that you have questions about.

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