Do I Need an Attorney for a DUI Arrest?

Are you a college student that was arrested and are now wondering, “do I need an attorney for a DUI arrest?” Watch this video to find out what to do.


Do I Need an Attorney for a DUI Arrest as a College Student?


Do I Need an Attorney for a DUI Arrest?If you’re a college student in Connecticut and you get a DUI arrest, you need to have representation. I’d like to tell you that you’re smart enough to do this on your own, but one reason that you need representation in a criminal court is so that you can remain silent. Being a college student doesn’t make you any better or any worse than anybody in the court system. In fact, I’ve had judges tell me, “I’m not going to cut your guy a break just because he’s a college student.”

You can’t think that because you’re in college it’s going to be different or they’re going to treat you differently – they’re not. In fact, I think there’s a slight prejudice against college students in the criminal court, and sometimes it’s more apparent than others when I’m dealing with issues such as this. Don’t think that it’s going to go in your favor just because you’re a college student. You should have representation.

If you have a DUI arrest and you’re a college student, call me. I can help you out with this and walk you through the process.

Do you or a loved one attend college in Connecticut and have questions about if you might need an attorney for your DUI charge? Contact the experienced Connecticut criminal defense lawyer  Erin Field today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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