Distribution of a Controlled Substance

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What are the penalties for distribution of a controlled substance in Connecticut?


Distribution of a Controlled SubstanceThe state of Connecticut views distribution of illegal substances much more seriously than it views use of illegal substances. Even if it is your first time getting caught with a distribution charge, if the prosecutor fully believes that they can nail you on this, they are not going to back down. The only time they may give you a break is if it is your first offense and involved small amounts of marijuana.

If you’re a small-time dealer, there is a slim chance that a lawyer can get you in a program and you can avoid a conviction. There are times, however, when prosecutors just won’t relent. The judge usually will be on their side in that particular circumstance, unless you can show the judge why the prosecutor is being unreasonable. Distribution charges in Connecticut are taken very seriously and places you in a different category than somebody who is just getting high. You definitely need representation if you’re going to court on a distribution charge, which is a felony charge.

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