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Being charged with a weapons crime can make the future uncertain.  There’s no room for error.  To avoid hefty fines and jail time, it’s important to have a strong lawyer to guide you through the Connecticut court system. 

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7 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Criminal Defense Case

7 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Criminal Defense Case

Connecticut Weapons Charges Lawyer

Have you been arrested for a weapons charge in Connecticut? Are you looking for dependable representation? Please get in touch with Connecticut weapons charges lawyer Erin Field right away to get your case started as soon as possible.

How a Connecticut Weapons Charges Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Facing weapons charges in Connecticut is a serious matter. Chances are, you know this and are nervous about what your outcome will be in court and what kind of penalties you will face, if convicted. Having an experienced attorney representing you, and only on your side is a real benefit to you in court.

I am a proud gun owner and I am always happy to represent clients accused of gun charges.

The majority of weapons offenses are serious felonies in Connecticut. This means you may be looking at hefty fines and lengthy prison terms if convicted. I know that being confident in your choice of attorneys is important when entering a situation like this.

Perhaps you are charged with being in possession of a weapon that you didn’t even realize was in the vehicle. Or maybe you made a mistake you are ready to take responsibility for. Regardless of the situation, I can help.

I know what you are up against and know how to best represent your interests. Although I have handled several weapons cases before I will treat your case as unique in its own rights and give you the respect you deserve.

Call me for a consultation on your criminal weapons charges today.

Connecticut Strict Gun Laws

Since the tragic incident of Sandy Hook, the lawmakers in Connecticut have passed legislation that would ban the selling of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. There are tighter regulations on firearms and ammunition, in general, and that can make it more complicated for those who legally own guns in Connecticut.

There is a list of laws that apply to legal gun ownership that the state government regularly updates. It can be a very long process to have a legal firearm in Connecticut and the complications make it very difficult as well. You must obtain special permissions to own one and there are a lot of things that can disqualify you from being eligible to have a firearm.

If you violate any of these laws, the penalties can be extreme and cause long-term damage to your future. You could be charged with a felony, and you will need a Connecticut weapons charges lawyer to help you with your case.

Serious Weapons Charges in Connecticut

Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon Charge

There are certain weapons that are illegal to carry. Those include any BB gun, metal knuckles, switch blade, or knife with a blade greater than 4 inches, police baton, martial arts weapon, or electronic defense weapon.

Being caught carrying any of these dangerous weapons on your person can land you up to 3 years in prison and fines up to $500 as well as a felony conviction on your record.

Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm

You may be charged with this felony if you intentionally, negligently, or carelessly discharge a firearm in a way likely to cause bodily injury to someone, or the destruction of property. This charge carries a potential sentence of up to 3 years in prison and fines of $250.

Carrying a Firearm While Under the Influence of Liquor or Drugs

If you have been drinking you cannot carry a loaded firearm or hunt. If your charge involves simply carrying the weapon you will face Class B misdemeanor charges and a potential of up to 6 months in jail and $1,000 in fines.

However, if you are found to be hunting while under the influence, the charge is elevated to a Class A misdemeanor which is punishable by up to 1 year in prison and fines reaching $2,000.

Commission of a Felony While in Possession of a Firearm or Assault Weapon

If you are in possession of a firearm when you commit Class A, B, or C felony you will serve an additional 5 years in prison. This means an additional non-negotiable sentence of 5 years will be added to whatever sentence you receive for the felony (theft, robbery, etc.).

If the weapon is an assault weapon, the additional prison term will be 8 years rather than 5.

Call Connecticut Weapons Charges Lawyer Erin Field Today

There are many laws governing the use and possession of weapons in Connecticut. When you are facing weapons charges, the smartest thing you can do is contact an experienced Connecticut weapons charges lawyers right away. Call me to discuss your weapons charges today. Please call me today and tell me the specifics of your case, and I’ll lay out the best defense options for your particular charges and circumstances.

Connecticut Weapons Charges Statutes

CrimeStatuteClassification (Penalty)
CrimeStatuteClassification (Penalty)
Criminal Use of FirearmCGS § Sec. 53a-216
Class D felony (1 to 5 years)
Criminal Possession of a Firearm or AmmunitionCGS § Sec. 53a-217
Class C felony (1 to 10 years)
Criminal Possession of a Pistol or RevolverCGS § Sec. 53a-217c
Class C felony (1 to 10 years)
Criminal Possession of Body ArmorCGS § Sec. 53a-217d
Class A misdemeanor (up to 1 year)
Commit class A, B, or C Felony with Assault RifleCGS § Sec. 53-202jFelony (8 year minimum)
Commit class A, B, or C felony with firearmCGS § Sec. 53-202k
Felony (5 year minimum)

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