Connecticut DUI Penalties

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What are the penalties for a DUI in Connecticut?


Connecticut DUI PenaltiesPeople often inquire about the penalties related to DUIs. What penalty you receive really depends on if you have a DUI history or not. If it is your very first DUI, you may only have to put the interlock device in your car. You may also have to do a divisionary program and pay any associated costs. If it is your first conviction and there are other charges added to your DUI like Assault Second with a motor vehicle, this is a serious felony. It means that there was alcohol involved and there was a car accident. The state does not have to prove that you were above a 0.08 in Assault Second with a motor vehicle cases; they will always charge you with DUI in those cases. The bottom line is it really depends if it is your first DUI, if there was an accident, and if someone got hurt. If you want to discuss the specifics of your case, contact us today.

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