Charged With Possession of Pills

If you’ve been charged with possession of pills that weren’t prescribed to you, you may be wondering, “What’s next?” I can help. Give Erin Field a call.


What should I do if I’m arrested with possession of pills as a college student?


If you’re a college student in Connecticut and you get caught with pills that you don’t have a prescription for, it will most likely result in a felony charge. If you end up having a prescription for that, that’s fine. You can most likely bring that prescription bottle to the court and see if the prosecutor will drop the charge. If you don’t have a prescription for the pills that you got caught with, you need to hire a lawyer because it will be a felony charge, and it will be taken seriously. Pills are a controlled substance, and the court will be interested in knowing the source of where you got those pills.
Charged With Possession of Pills
If this is something that you’re dealing with as a college student in Connecticut, call me and I can walk you through this process, regardless of what type of pills they were. I’ll be able to get you through this.

Are you or a loved one facing criminal charges in Connecticut and have questions about what could happen if you’re charged with possession of pills? Contact the experienced Connecticut criminal defense lawyer  Erin Field today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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